how to install shower curtain hooks

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Push the hooks into each curtain seam. Take the hook and insert the sharp side into the seam of the curtain. Push the hook up into the seam to make sure it is fully inserted.

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  • How do you thread a shower curtain hook?

  • Thread the shower curtain hooks/rings through the curtain and liner. Starting from the left side, thread one ring through the holes of both the curtain and the liner. Then move on to the next hole, repeating the same process. Continue threading until all 12 rings have been threaded through all 12 holes.

  • How to install a shower curtain?

  • How to Install a Shower Curtain. Explore this Article. parts. 1 Measuring Your Installation Height. 2 Installing a Tension Rod. 3 Installing a Mounted Rod. 4 Hanging the Shower Curtain and Liner. + Show 1 more…

  • How many shower curtain hooks do I Need?

  • Place your shower curtain hooks on the rod. The standard number of shower curtain hooks needed is 12 and they are generally sold in sets by the dozen for convenience. If you檙e using hooks that have some sort of decoration or embellishment, make sure the decoration side is facing out into the bathroom, not inward facing the shower.

  • How do you hang a hook on a curtain rod?

  • Loop the hooks into the rod links. The links on the curtain rod should have holes or attachments for you to put the hooks through. Starting at the far end and working your way in, loop each hook through its corresponding rod link. Repeat the process for the other curtain.

    how to install shower curtain hooks

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