how to install recessed curtain track

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  • What is Reese curtain track?

  • Reese鈩?is a recessed curtain track solution to recess drapery systems from companies such as Somfy, Lutron, Goelst, and Silent Gliss. When curtain tracks are installed the result is a minimalist design where curtain tracks fully blend in flush with the ceiling. Tracks and end-sets are available with chamfered edges or skim coat flanges, to be …

  • Can I use curtains with a recessed track?

  • With a recessed track you can of course use curtains with a standard pleat, but a wave pleat makes it even more unique. In both cases, the curtains hang just below the ceiling, which gives a calm appearance.

  • How hard is it to install a curtain track?

  • The installation of these curtain track systems is not complicated and can be completed by most Do-It-Yourselfers (DIY). With the use of simple tools (drill, screwdriver, laser level, miter saw), the installations can be completed fairly quickly.

  • How do I attach a baton to a curtain track system?

  • Some curtain track systems offer master carriers that allow for easy attachment of a wand or baton to draw curtains or draperies open or closed. For systems where a master carrier is not offered, you can also add an additional carrier between the 1st and 2nd carrier on each panel, allowing a free carrier that can be used to support a baton or wand.

    how to install recessed curtain track

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