how to install pvc strip curtains

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Check the dimensions of the doorway and PVC curtain rails on the packaging box to check if they can fit your requirements.Measure the exact height up to which you want to install your strip doors for workplace safety and comfort.Take PVC strips out of the box and lay them out on a flat surface. …Install and fix hooks or tracks at the required area in the horizontal position. Use track joiners to join sections if tracks are in more than one piece.Fit hanging brackets with the top groove of tracks. Make sure to keep them equally spaced for better functionality.Attach each PVC strip to track using sliding clamp bolts and secure them with nuts. Ensure that the convex surface marked 楩?on PVC strips should hang facing outwards.

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  • What are PVC Strip curtains and how are they used?

  • PVC strip curtains are typically used to separate two areas. Whether dividing different departments of a warehouse, a cold area such as a food production facility (inside/outside), PVC strip curtains offers the convenience of not having to open or close a door.

  • What are the pros and cons of PVC strip doors?

  • The main convenience that PVC strip doors offer is their ability to save energy. Whether you want to keep cool air or warm air inside, the curtains do a great job of stopping the conditioned air from escaping. The curtains are also ideal for separating work areas that may cause contamination otherwise.

  • What are the benefits of Strip curtains for loading docks?

  • PVC strip curtains are often used at loading docks to prevent the air-conditioned air from escaping, which can help manage utility costs and can help keep debris outdoors from getting in. Machinery like forklifts or other vehicles doesn have to physically open a garage door or gate to access another area of the workplace.

    how to install pvc strip curtains

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