how to install flexible curtain track

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Tips for Installing a Flexible Curtain TrackMake Sure your Ceiling is Even. An important thing to keep in mind when installing a flexible curtain track is the pitch of your ceiling.Be Sure to Cap the Ends. You want to be sure to insert the locking nuts or caps onto the ends of your flexible curtain track to prevent the curtain …Use a Track That Will Hold the Weight of your Curtain. …

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  • How much curtain track do I need for a curved track?

  • For flexible curtain track mounting hardware, we recommend one per foot for curved track, and 9?interval for straight run application. If your ceiling or wall is sharply curved, add additional mounting hardware at point of turns. For aluminum track, it needs 30?36?each.

  • Does curtain-track offer Cord drawn systems?

  • does not offer cord drawn systems. All Curtain-Track systems are hand-drawn systems. Some curtain track systems offer master carriers that allow for easy attachment of a wand or baton to draw curtains or draperies open or closed.

  • Can flexible curtain track be used for straight run?

  • Without a doubt, our flexible curtain track can also be used for straight run but it will be different from straight track since it has been coiled up. In straight run application, we recommend installing mounting hardware at 9?interval, with even spacing to make it look better.

  • How do you drill holes in curtain track?

  • Most curtain tracks do not have the mounting holes pre-drilled. To drill holes, identify where the holes should be positioned and mark the track. Using a small bit, drill pilot holes centered in the slot through the top of the track.

    how to install flexible curtain track

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