how to install door curtains

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Measure the height and width of the doorway opening with a tape measure or yardstick.Choose a curtain panel that fits the opening. The width of the panel should be about 1 1/2 times the width of the door. …Add between 2 to 4 inches to the width and about 1 inch to the length of the curtain if you plan to install it above and outside the …

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  • How to install French door curtains?

  • You can now install the French door curtains. Mount the brackets to the French doors with the screws. Center the brackets and test fit the rods. Remove the rods and thread the curtains on them, then place the curtain rods back on the brackets.

  • How do you install a curtain rod inside a doorway?

  • Installing Inside the Doorway 1 Choose a tension rod that fits the width measurement of the doorway. Tension rods come in adjustable lengths. 2 Twist the rod and adjust its length so that it just fits into the doorway opening with a little room to spare. 3 Slide the curtain panel rod pocket onto the tension rod. … More items…

  • Can you put a curtain over a door?

  • You can make a simple door for any room opening by installing a curtain in the doorway. This fast, decorative solution adds privacy to a room, or effectively hides a storage room or closet. Hang the curtain with drapery hardware outside the door frame for a sturdy, permanent installation.

  • How do you hang curtains on a high window frame?

  • Determine how high to hang your curtains. Compare the measurements of your curtains and curtain rods to the window itself. Most curtain rods can adjust size to fit a variety of windows. Measure the length of the curtains to determine how high you want to hang them. Hang the curtains with your hands to the window to see the best location.

    how to install door curtains

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