how to install dignitet curtain wire

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  • Why choose dignitet curtain wire fittings?

  • The hinges on DIGNITET curtain wire fittings let you angle the wire in different directions. And by adding one or more corner pieces you can easily adapt DIGNITET to your space and needs.

  • Can I use the dignitet wire system outside?

  • All parts in the DIGNITET wire system are made of stainless steel, which means that you can use them outdoors and in the bathroom. You can put a screen around your balcony or bathtub and keep the morning shower or the evening breeze on the right side of the curtain!

  • How to install curtains with cable attachments?

  • Attach the cable, and tighten it. While tightening, keep an eye on the other posts. It easy to get carried away and exert too much force on them. I suggest you only get the cable taut to begin with. After your curtains are installed, you can tighten a bit more if you need to.

  • How to choose curtain wire for Bedroom Curtains?

  • If you decide to have curtains only on either side of the bed, you can delete the two corner posts, and just buy two curtain wire kits. We wanted our curtains to fall 4?from the sides of the bed and 2?from the headboard to avoid interference. Once you determine the curtain run, roughly measure the perimeter to see if you will have enough cable.

    how to install dignitet curtain wire

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