how to install curved shower curtain rod on tile

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How do you installa curved shower rod in tile? Center the rod over your tub’s edge. Mark the spots where you want to install the flanges. Drill the mounting holes with a mini hole saw meant for tile. Tap the plastic anchors into the holes. Screw the flanges into the wall. Fasten the rod to the flanges.

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  • How do you attach a curved shower rod?

  • The method may vary by manufacturer; it may use spring-loaded clips that fit into holes in the bracket, or screws that secure the rod to the bracket. Extend the adjustable curved shower rod as needed until it is the correct length, then install the other end of the rod into the bracket on the opposite wall.

  • Can I drill into my tile shower curtain?

  • An alternative to drilling into your tile is to use a tensioned shower-curtain rod; this type of rod has rubber ends and keeps in place through the friction generated through spring tension.

  • How do you replace a shower curtain rod?

  • Remove the old shower curtain rod from the end brackets that secure it to the walls. This usually involves removing a side or top screw that holds the shower curtain rod to the bracket. Remove the brackets from the walls by unscrewing the mounting screws.

  • How high should you hang a curved shower curtain?

  • Place the shower rod at least 74 inches (188 cm) above the shower floor. The standard shower curtain is 72 inches (183 cm) long, and when it is linked to shower hooks, it usually gains another two inches (five cm). To prevent the curtain from dragging on the floor of the tub, hang the curved shower rod at a height of 74 inches or more.

    how to install curved shower curtain rod on tile

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