how to install curtains in a bay window

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Step ?1: Selection of Curtains Rods. Owing to the shape of the bay window it is hard to select a curtain rod. …Step ?2: Get the Tools Ready. Get ready with all of your tools prior to the actual operation. …Step ?3: Measure the Window and Curtains. Now,measure the window with the help of an Inch Tape. …Step ?4: Set-up the Brackets. With the help of Drill Machine start making a hole in the wall at the exact point you mark during the measurements.Step ?5: Install Curtains. Once you get done with bracket placement,start installing your curtains. Get it ready and place in the rods then hang over the brackets.

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  • How to hang curtains in a bay window?

  • Before you hang curtains in a bay window, choose curtain rods that work with the kind of bay window you have. If your bay window has more than 3 sections, get a straight curtain rod for each window frame. If your bay window only has 3 sections, use 1 long bay window curtain rod. Mount 2 curtain brackets over each section in your bay window.

  • Do bay window curtain rods need brackets?

  • Also, curtain brackets are no longer a necessity if you decide to use tension rods. If you don want to use tension rods, you can also find bay window curtain rods that are tailor made for bay windows. Curtain tracks that are flexible to go around the corners of the wall are also viable options.

  • How do you attach curtain panels to curtain rods?

  • Slide the curtain panels onto the curtain rods. If you檙e using straight curtain rods, put a pair of panels on each rod. If you檙e using a bay window curtain rod, put 2 panels for each window frame on the rod and adjust the curtains so the bent corners of the rod are exposed.

  • How do you hang curtains on a double wall with brackets?

  • If you檙e using double brackets, put curtains on a second set of straight curtain rods, or on a second bay window curtain rod. Place the curtain rods in the brackets. If you檙e using straight curtain rods, hang 1 rod over each window frame, or 2 rods if you檙e using double brackets.

    how to install curtains in a bay window

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