how to install curtain rod anchors

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Slide the connector halfway into one side of the curtain rod(you might need to tap it in with a wooden block). Drive a self drilling set screw through the pilot hole and into the connector to lock it in place. Repeat for the other half of the curtain rod to lock the rod together as one piece.

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  • How do you anchor a curtain rod to drywall?

  • After marking the holes for the brackets, drill pilot holes in the drywall for plastic screw anchors using a drill bit slightly smaller than the anchors (a 3/16-inch drill bit usually works). For heavy curtains, use heavy-duty wall anchors, such as toggle bolts.

  • How do you mount a curtain rod to a bracket?

  • Mount another bracket at the second location in the same way. When both brackets are secure, place the curtain rod on them, adjust its length so that the ends are flush with the outsides of the brackets, and tighten the set screws in the brackets with a screwdriver to hold the rod securely.

  • What tools do you need to install a curtain rod?

  • You檒l need: pencil. level. measuring tape. drill and drill bits. screwdriver. drywall anchors. curtain rod with at least two brackets and two finials.

  • How do you install finials on a curtain rod?

  • Complete the installation by screwing the finials onto the ends of the curtain rod. If the window is close to an adjoining wall, you may want to screw on the finial closest to the wall before mounting the curtain rod.

    how to install curtain rod anchors

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