how to install a permanent shower curtain rod

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Installing a Tension Shower Curtain RodMeasure the distance of the opening that the rod needs to fill. …Hold up your shower curtain at the appropriate height and use a pencil to mark its ideal location on both walls.Put the shower curtain rings onto the rod before installation.Bring the tension rod with the rings on it up to the height you marked on the wall and place the first side in the correct position.Attach your curtain. Give it a gentle tug to ensure the rod is secure and won’t come down when you go in for a shower.

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  • How do you install a shower curtain rod?

  • Bring the shower curtain up to the appropriate height and mark this location on the wall with a pencil. You need to install the rod roughly 6 higher than the length of the shower curtain.

  • How long does it take to install a shower curtain?

  • This article has been viewed 120,303 times. Installing a shower curtain in your bathroom is a simple procedure that you can accomplish easily in less than an hour. There are many types of shower curtain rods and shower curtains out there, but are 2 basic rod types – tension rods and mounted rods.

  • Do shower curtain rods need to be mounted or tension rods?

  • While mounting rods tend to look a little better than tension rods, you may need to drill into tile to install them, which can be moderately difficult. Whichever type of shower curtain rod you’re trying to hang, we’ve got you covered. Check out the shower rod installation tips below to learn how to easily hang a shower curtain rod so it’s secure.

  • Can I drill into my tile shower curtain?

  • An alternative to drilling into your tile is to use a tensioned shower-curtain rod; this type of rod has rubber ends and keeps in place through the friction generated through spring tension.

    how to install a permanent shower curtain rod

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