how to install a double curtain rod

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To install, simply slide the adjustable rod to fit inside your window casing and twist the rod to lock in place. To convert into a doublecurtainrod, insert a 7/16 spring tension rod into the circular depressions toward the back of each bracket. Click to see full answer.

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  • How to install curtain rods?

  • How you install your rods will depend on the brackets you檝e installed. But the general principle remains the same for both single and double curtain rods. Always start in the middle and work your way out when connecting the rod.

  • How to choose double curtain rods and hardware?

  • Select a thin, lightweight curtain to go against the window and a more heavier material to be placed at the front. Once you have selected your curtains, you can start shopping for double curtain rods and hardware. Knowing what your curtains look like will help you choose the right color, design, and finials or end caps.

  • Can You Mount double curtain rods from the ceiling?

  • Ceiling Mount Double Curtain Rods Another option for double curtain rods is mounting them from the ceiling. This is common for very tall windows when there is not enough room between the window frame and the ceiling. Ceiling mount double curtain rods can also be used in open air studios to act as privacy curtains.

  • How do you hang a finial on a double curtain rod?

  • When hanging double curtain rods, we recommend using a simple endcap for the rod closest to the wall, as it will likely be much less visible than the front curtain rod, which is ripe real estate for a decorative finial. This will also help keep the curtain hardware from looking too cluttered or busy.

    how to install a double curtain rod

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