how to install a double curtain rod

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How to Install Double Curtain RodsDecide Where to Put Your Brackets. The higher on the wall you place the brackets,the more spacious your room will appear. …Mark Your Bracket Placement. Use your level to lightly draw horizontal lines where you檝e decided to install each bracket,ensuring that the brackets will line up evenly …Mount Your Brackets. …Hang the Curtains. …

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  • What are double curtain rods?

  • Double curtain rods allows you to hang two layers of curtains, giving a two-dimensional effect to your window dressing. Usually, the under layer is a lightweight, thin material that allows soft light into the room. The top layer is usually a thick, more decorative fabric.

  • Can you put two curtain rods on the same window?

  • Using two layers of curtains on your windows adds depth, making the room feel larger. Instead of adding two different curtain rods to your windows, try double curtain rods. Double curtain rods are the best way to create a layered effect, giving a distinct and put-together look.

  • How do you install double curtain rod brackets?

  • However, many double curtain rod brackets have a standard 渞eturn?for the inner and outer curtain rod. Once your brackets are safely and securely installed, add your rings to the rods, and connect the curtains to the ring clips. Next, screw in your finials or end caps on each side of the curtain rods. You may need finial plugs for this.

  • How do you hang a finial on a double curtain rod?

  • When hanging double curtain rods, we recommend using a simple endcap for the rod closest to the wall, as it will likely be much less visible than the front curtain rod, which is ripe real estate for a decorative finial. This will also help keep the curtain hardware from looking too cluttered or busy.

    how to install a double curtain rod

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