how to hook curtains onto curtain rings

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Purchase curtain rings the correct size for the curtain rod.Slide the curtain rings onto the rod and hang the rod on the brackets. Lay out the curtains so you can access the pleats at the top. Insert the sharp pin end of a curtain hook into the lower dot on each pleat,one hook per pleat.

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  • How do you hang curtains with rings on them?

  • You can also use the ring to make a little pleat. If your curtain is a little bit too long fold the top over the amount of excess and the ring clip can take it up after attaching. Finally, pinch the inside part of the curtain and hang the curtains by clipping the rings on it.

  • How many hooks do I need to hang a curtain?

  • Your curtains should have come with the hooks that you’ll use to hang them. After you’ve counted them all up, divide that number in half. This will tell you how many hooks should go on each curtain. Remember that curtain hooks are sharp at one end. Be careful when handling them.

  • How do you attach a rod to a curtain rod?

  • Place the first clip on the panel edge, and position the remaining clips every 10 inches. When the rings are in place, remove the finial from one end of the rod. Slip the rings over the rod, and replace the final. Slot the rod into its hanging hardware, tighten to hold the rod in place, and enjoy.

  • How many clip rings do you put on a curtain?

  • You can use 7-9 clip rings on a curtain. That will make spacing a lot easier. Attach 1 clip ring on the one end then another on the other end, 1 in the middle. Now you fold the curtain in even halves on each side and attach ring clips.

    how to hook curtains onto curtain rings

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