how to hold curtains back

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  • How do you hang curtains with tiebacks?

  • Hang the curtains from the curtain rods. Slide the drapery holdbacks around the curtains and hold the tiebacks in place against the wall. Have a friend hold the curtains in position as you step away from the window to check how the curtains drape from the tiebacks.

  • How do you keep a curtain rod from moving?

  • Stick the other side of the dot to the inside of the rod pocket of the back side of the drape or the inside of the curtain ring. Put the dots together to prevent the drape from moving.

  • Are curtain holdbacks necessary for patio doors?

  • While not absolutely necessary for any window, curtain tiebacks quickly and easily change the appearance of the window treatment. If the curtains cover a patio door, the drapery holdbacks serve the function of moving the curtain out of the way so there is easy access to the door. Installation of curtain holdbacks is a simple process.

  • Why are my curtains gathering up at the back?

  • It often happens with the lightweight curtains where drapery hooks are not being used. You can see above that the curtain panels are in place and have a pretty gather to them.

    how to hold curtains back

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