how to hide vertical blinds with curtains

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The window has a decorative box calledcornicewhich is used to hide the blinds. The space between the blinds and cornice is used to hang a tension rod from either side of the cornice. From this, you can suspend your curtains. Sometimes, you can even use brackets and curtains rods to cover vertical blinds in your living area.

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  • Can I get rid of vertical blinds in a rental?

  • We use to have vertical blinds in a house we owned and just removing them was the solution to the problem but having them in a rental is a whole different ballgame. When I started thinking about how I wanted to go about getting rid of these vertical blinds I knew I wanted to replace them with curtains.

  • How do you hang curtains with hooks on the back?

  • All you have to do is pin the sharp end of drapery hooks at the back of the curtain, at the top, and then slip the other end into the hole of the existing clips. Couldn’t be easier and you can open and close the curtains just like the blinds, but now you don’t have to look at those slats!

  • How do you attach a valance to vertical blinds?

  • Most vertical blinds have a valance, which is a decorative border covering the rail at the top where the vanes are attached. Hold the bottom of the valance and gently push it upwards to create a small gap between it and the clips holding each vane. Continue pushing the valance gently until it is no longer touching the clips.

  • Why are my curtains sliding to the opposite side?

  • This is sometimes a problem with a regular curtain rod as often a middle bracket keeps curtains from fully sliding all the way to the opposite side. I am in love with this simple vertical blind conversion.

    how to hide vertical blinds with curtains

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