how to hide ceiling curtain track

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Common methods of hidingthe trackincluding fitting it behind a pelmet, installing it into a ceiling cavity or bulkhead, or having it hidden behind the curtain heading using a face-fix hook system. Click to see full answer. Then, how do you cover a curtaintrackwith fabric?

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  • Can ceiling coving be used as a curtain track?

  • This is one our new designs from the Modern collection and can be used as an LED downlighting coving or a normal ceiling coving. It can also be used as a curtain coving so that you can hide the curtain track behind it. Lightweight Purotouch.

  • Should curtains be hung on ceiling or wall mounted?

  • Curtains don have to be hung on wall-mounted tracks or poles. Systems that fix to ceilings instead can make a huge difference to how curtains look, adding a sense of height and drama. Discreet top fix curtain tracks are also a practical solution if, for example, there little or no wall space above a window.

  • How do I choose a curtain track for my curtains?

  • When choosing a curtain track, consider whether you want something that blends with your ceiling so it disappears. Also think about strength ?metal tends to be stronger than plastic, so more appropriate for heavier curtains.

  • What is a ceiling-hung curtain track?

  • The ceiling-hung track means the curtains line up with the top of the wall for a dramatic, streamlined effect that neatly frames the bed. Have you gone for a ceiling-mounted curtain track?

    how to hide ceiling curtain track

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