how to hide a curtain track

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How doyou hide curtain tracks? How do you hide curtain tracks? Common methods of hiding the track including fitting it behind a pelmet,installing it into a ceiling cavity or bulkhead,or having it hidden behind the curtain heading using a face-fix hook system.

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  • Can you sew a curtain that hides a curtain track?

  • With some work reflection, she came up with a simple DIY curtain that easily hides the curtain track and looks so seamless. Here how to easily sew a curtain that hides a curtain track. Non-Woven Interfacing (ours was about 4?wide, doesn need to be fusible) The process was actually very straightforward.

  • Can coving be used as a curtain track?

  • Contemporary, small stepped coving. This is one our new designs from the Modern collection and can be used as a normal coving, an LED downlighting coving and it can also be used as a curtain coving so that you can hide the curtain track behind it. Lightweight Purotouch. Supplied in 2 metre lengths.

  • How do you keep curtain track from drooping?

  • The top is where we got creative. To stiffen the top and keep it from drooping and exposing the clips and curtain track, we used non-woven interfacing, which was sewn right into the top seam to give it some stiffness. Next we sewed on some shirring tape, focusing the stitching on the bottom third so the top edge of it was loose.

  • What to do with the laundry room curtain idea?

  • The first change I made to the laundry room curtain idea: a curtain track instead of a curtain rod. I picked this curtain track from Country Curtains (with extra track rod slides) because I thought it had a nice style and finish and looked the least industrial. I believe that this Levelor Track System (found on Amazon) is the same one.

    how to hide a curtain track

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