how to hem curtains with velcro

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Unroll a large strip of sticky-backed Velcroup against the surface where the curtain belongs, cutting it to length. Remove the backing from the rough, not fuzzy, side of the Velcroand smooth it in place. To affix the other half of the Velcroto the curtain, set the curtainon a flat, clean surface, smoothing it out.

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  • How to hem curtains step by step?

  • How to Hem Curtains. 1 Step 1: Hang curtains. If you haven already, you need to start by hanging your curtains up on the rod that you plan to leave them on. 2 Step 2: Pull curtains. 3 Step 3: Pin curtains. 4 Step 4: Figure out length for sewing. 5 Step 5: Pin for sewing. More items

  • How to install Velcro curtains on a camper van?

  • Velcro Curtains for Your Camper Van. 1 Step 1: Buy the Materials. You will need: A van. at least 5m of velro with stick hooks and sew loops. (~$50 in australia!) A sewing machine (ours was … 2 Step 2: Mark It Out. 3 Step 3: Make the Hem. 4 Step 4: Attach the Sew Loop Strips. 5 Step 5: Mount the Curtains. More items

  • Can You iron hem tape on curtains?

  • Refer to the packaging from your hem tape for the proper setting. To prevent the fabric from burning, consider placing a damp cloth between the iron and the curtain. Some hem tapes have adhesive on one side, and a paper back on the other. You will need to iron it twice: first with the paper backing on, and then with the paper backing peeled off.

  • How do I choose the best Velcro for curtains?

  • If the curtains cover a large area or are fairly heavy, begin with the thickest, most durable Velcro you can find; thin strips may peel away too easily, resulting in falling curtains.

    how to hem curtains with velcro

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