how to hem a curtain with a sewing machine

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If you are using a sewing machine to hem your curtains,start by finishing the raw edge with a serger or zig zag stitch. Then press a 1?hem and iron to hold in place. Use a sewing machine or coverstitch machine to sew the hem. Use a coordinating thread and you won even be able to see it.

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  • How do you sew a curtain with a sewing machine?

  • The sewing machine I’m using is pretty straightforward; put the starting point of the fabric under the shoe and flip the lever downward to hold the curtain in place. The fabric can still move, so always be aware of where the edge of the curtain is and where the sewing needle is headed.

  • How to sew a hem in sewing?

  • To sew this hem, you may want to make three rows of stitching lines. First make a stitching line to mark your hem ?this will establish your seam line. Next stitching is made after folding the edge by 1/4 inch first. Trim away fabric very close below the stitching line.

  • How do you Hem a quilt with rolled fabric?

  • Sew a line of basting stitch along the fabric edge. Pull the basting thread till the edge matches the hem fold line. You can alternatively sew a narrow rolled hem to avoid going to this extra steps.

  • How do you Hem a curved Hem?

  • This hem technique is especially useful when sewing curved hem edges of dresses and skirts or sewing hem of thick fabrics ?reduces the thickness at the hem. By using this hem you can have a wide hem on curved edges. You may need to steam press to ease the facing a little.

    how to hem a curtain with a sewing machine

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