how to hang waterfall valance curtains

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How to Hang a Waterfall Valance CurtainsPurchase curtain rods. There are two ways to purchase rods for a layered effect. …Measure for the bracket locations. If you are using double curtain rods,you should locate the brackets 2 inches beyond the window trim and 4 inches above the …Install the double curtain rods or inside rod. …Measure for the valance rod. …Hang the waterfall valance. …

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  • How do you attach a waterfall valance to a curtain rod?

  • Push the rod through the opening on the top of the first waterfall valance. Gather the fabric to the left side. Push the top of the valance down the curtain rod and bunch up the fabric on the left side of the rod. Doing this will give you more room to add the additional valances to the rod.

  • How do you hang curtains with three valances?

  • Attach the right side of the third valance onto the rod. Finish hanging your curtains by attaching the final valance right side to the end of the curtain rod. If you did everything correctly, the valances should be layered on top of one another.

  • Can You Iron Waterfall valance curtains?

  • Iron your curtains if they are wrinkled. Ironing your curtains will give them a crisp and neat appearance. Set the iron to low-medium heat so that you don damage the valances. If your waterfall valance curtains are already free of wrinkles, you can skip this step.

  • What is a waterfall valance?

  • A waterfall valance is a special window treatment that drapes down to resemble a waterfall and can give your windows a refined appearance. Hanging a waterfall valance correctly is trickier than hanging traditional curtains, but becomes easy once you understand what you’re doing.

    how to hang waterfall valance curtains

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