how to hang up curtains over vertical blinds

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How To Hang Curtains Over Blinds: Step by StepMeasure the width of your window and the blinds. …Make sure your curtain rod is sticking out. …Record your measurements. …Pick out the set of curtains you want. …Measure and locate where the brackets go. …Make the markings. …Install your anchors if you need them. …Attach the brackets on both ends first. …Attach your curtains to the rod using the curtain rods. …

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  • How to hang curtains over blinds that stick out?

  • To hang curtains over blinds that stick out, you must use a bracket to extend your curtain rod. First, measure your window and curtains to make sure the curtains will cover the window and blinds. Then install the bracket, hang the rod, and put up the curtains.

  • Can you have vertical blinds with sheer curtains?

  • If you love spending time in natural sunlight, using sheer curtains will allow you to have some privacy while still enjoying the natural light, even when the vertical blinds are pulled back. Just remember to extend the vertical blinds at night so that your neighbors can see into your home.

  • How do you hang heavy curtains on the wall?

  • The hammer is optional in case you want to add sheetrock anchors, to support the weight of heavier curtains. You can also try to screw the screws into studs in the wall by locating the studs. This option only works if there are studs conveniently located where your brackets will need to go.

  • How to decorate your home with roller blinds?

  • To magnify the look of your windows, now layer these roller blinds with Sheer Curtains for an extra dose of romance. The overall look is unbelievable as these curtains create the enchantment with subtle hues. Tie these up with a hook on the sides for an even more beautiful effect. You surely won be disappointed.

    how to hang up curtains over vertical blinds

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