how to hang traverse curtains

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To hang curtains on a traverse rod, you attachdrapery hooks to the curtains, and then slip the hooks through holes in the carriers. When you pull the cord, the carriers move along the track. The key to making your own traverse rod curtains is choosing a style that looks and functions right with the carrier system.

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  • Why won my Curtains hang on my traverse rod?

  • To put it simply, the curtains won hang on your traverse rod if they don come with curtain pins. Traverse rods are not designed like a typical rod. You cannot just hang the curtains on them and expect them to stay put. In order to keep the curtains in place, you have to connect the curtain pins with the corresponding pins.

  • Should I Choose traverse or double standard curtain rods?

  • Complex, layered window treatments. If your windows have drapes, valances, or other window treatments, you should probably opt for traverse curtain rods instead of double standard rods. They avoid having to stagger where your drapes are hung or hang multiple rods to achieve the look you want.

  • What is the best way to hang a curtain on a wall?

  • Standard traverse rods, as you might have guessed, are the most prevalent options. They don do anything special, but they are capable of concealing the hardware used to hang the curtain.

  • How do you attach curtains to a curtain rod?

  • Adding Your Curtains Remove your rod to hang the curtains. Once you’re certain that your brackets can hold your rod, remove it to attach your curtains. Add the curtains onto the rod. Some curtains are attached to the rod by curtain rings while others are threaded directly through the rod. Put the rod back into place.

    how to hang traverse curtains

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