how to hang shower curtain without rod

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To hang curtains without a rod,you can use replacements such ascurtain wire,rope,pipes,or other devices,such as fishing rods and hockey sticks. Alternatively,you can loop curtains through coat hooks and wooden knobs.

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  • How to hang curtains without holes?

  • Twist and fit curtain rods are another fantastic product for people who want to hang curtains without holes. The removable curtain rod works similarly to a tension rod, but actually has decorative ends that stick out from the window and lets you attach a real curtain rod to them so the curtains sit in front of the window rather than inside it.

  • How do you hang a shower curtain rod on the wall?

  • Shower curtain rods meant to be permanently affixed to opposing walls will come with accompanying hardware. Every kit is different, but in general you should have 2 brackets and at least 8 screws to keep the brackets on the wall. Drill each bracket into the wall.

  • Do shower curtain rods need to be mounted or tension rods?

  • While mounting rods tend to look a little better than tension rods, you may need to drill into tile to install them, which can be moderately difficult. Whichever type of shower curtain rod you’re trying to hang, we’ve got you covered. Check out the shower rod installation tips below to learn how to easily hang a shower curtain rod so it’s secure.

  • How do you fix a shower curtain that won’t stay up?

  • Double check that the liner is on the wet side of the shower and the curtain is on the dry side, facing out into the bathroom. Confirm that the rod is sturdy and the curtain slides easily.

    how to hang shower curtain without rod

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