how to hang shower curtain on slanted ceiling

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How do you hang a shower curtain on a slanted ceiling?Step 1 – Obtain a New Shower Curtain.Step 2 – Attach Suction Cup Hooks to the Sloped Section.Step 3 – Opening the Curtain to Dry.Step 1 – Measure Your Shower Area’s Length and Depth.Step 2 – Purchase the Shower Rail and Shower Hooks.Step 3 – Hang Up the Shower Curtains.

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  • How do you put a shower curtain on the ceiling?

  • Slide shower curtain rings onto the tension rod. Expand the rod until it is just smaller than the opening. Holding the rod against one wall, expand it until it touches the other wall, tightening it to ensure a snug fit. Measure the sloped part of the ceiling to determine how much of the shower curtain you will need to leave off the tension rod.

  • How do you hang curtains from a slant ceiling?

  • Arrange the curtains to flow across the opening. Measure a line across a ceiling beam or soffit that follows the ceiling slant at the attic window. You need just enough room to secure knobs or hooks to slip curtain tabs over; the exact distance from the ceiling will depend on your hardware.

  • How do you install sliding curtains on a sloped wall?

  • It’s easy to find a sliding curtain track system online or at your local hardware store. Place the track on the sloped wall or where that wall meets the ceiling. Attach the curtains to the track curtain clips.

  • How do you hang a curtain with a winning angle?

  • Winning Angle. Hang the curtain by the tabs from the slanted line of hooks or knobs at the ceiling, shake it out to be sure it falls gracefully, and then pull it back into gathers to reveal the window. Attach a decorative tassel tieback to the tieback knob and use it to secure the curtain. Release the curtain from the side tieback to close it.

    how to hang shower curtain on slanted ceiling

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