how to hang porch curtains

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To hang your curtains with wire,you檒l need to get somesteel wire rope,eye hooks and wall anchors. Before securing your curtains,you檒l run the wire through their grommets or panels. Then,use the wall anchors and eye hooks to secure the wire to opposing posts or structural beams on your patio.

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  • What is the best way to hang outdoor curtains?

  • When hanging outdoor curtains, it best to use an outdoor rated curtain rod as well. We ordered these outdoor curtain rods and love them ?not only do they extend quite far, but the ends are flat which helps them go right into the corners. What Fabric is Best for Outdoor Curtains?

  • Can you hang outdoor curtain rods under a deck?

  • Today, I will show you how to hang outdoor curtains under a deck and teach you how to hack some aluminum fencing into DIY Outdoor Curtain Rods. It easier than you think to build your own outdoor curtain rods! We have had ours up for years now and still love how well they work!

  • How to use pocket panels for curtains?

  • Pocket panels work well if you need to install curtains on an arched structure. You can push mini rods through the pockets of the panels and hang them on the descending ends of each arch, just like the curtains in this great outdoor space.

  • How to hang curtains on a pergola?

  • We檝e put together a few different ideas on how to hang outdoor curtains to get you one step closer to achieving the patio of your dreams. A classic curtain rod is the easiest method if your patio or pergola has wood columns or posts to allow you to drill into it.

    how to hang porch curtains

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