how to hang pleated curtains on a pole

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If you like the formal look of pinch-pleated curtains but you don want to deal with traverse draw rods,hang the curtains on pole rods usingdrapery rings and clips. With rings,you can open and close the curtains simply by guiding them across the pole rod by hand,with no cords and pulleys to become tangled.

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  • How do you hang pinch Pleat curtains?

  • Because of their many pleats, pinch pleat curtains create a beautiful, full curtain panel that can add sophistication to any room. They’re fairly easy to hang, as long as you’re willing to measure when you insert the pin hooks into the back of the curtain. Then, all you do is insert the hooks into the rings or gliders on your curtain rod or track.

  • How to hang curtains on a pole or track?

  • You檒l also need to get curtain rings or gliders to hold your new curtains on the pole or track. To prepare to hang your curtains, scrunch them to half the length of the pole and tie off the cords at the top of the curtains to help them hold shape. Once the curtain is secured, even out the pleats by gently pulling the curtain along the string.

  • How many hooks do I need for a 6 Pleat curtain?

  • So if you have 6 pleats, you’ll need 8 hooks. Also, count the number of rings or gliders you have on your curtain pole or track. They should equal the number of hooks you have. You can hang this type of curtain on a curtain pole with rings on it or a track with gliders on it.

  • How do you get rid of pleats in curtains?

  • Break the pleats. The curtain pleats are usually formed by plastic within the ruffle. Open the curtains all the way and pinch the stiff material at the head of the curtain to create protruding folds. Close the curtains and reopen them again to test the pleats.

    how to hang pleated curtains on a pole

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