how to hang heavy curtains without stud

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  • How do you hang curtains without drilling into the wall?

  • Like stick-on curtain rods, Command hooks are another answer to hanging curtains without drilling into the wall. They even make some specifically for this purpose. All you need to do is hang a hook on either side of the window and pop a rod it, and you檙e done!

  • Can you hang curtains with a curtain rod?

  • Related Articles. Blackout lining, interlining and thick drapery fabric can result in a heavy curtain that requires special attention when selecting and installing the curtain rod. With the proper rod and brackets, these curtains can be hung by a homeowner, using her toolbox and a few drapery-installers’ tricks.

  • How to hang something heavy into drywall without studs?

  • How to Hang Something Heavy Into Drywall Without Studs Step 1. Determine the weight of the item you’ll be hanging onto the wall. If you have a bathroom scale, simply step onto… Step 2. Select a hollow wall drywall anchor rated to hold the weight of your item. There are numerous styles of …

  • How much weight can you hang curtains with adhesive hooks?

  • Adhesive hooks come in different weight capacities, and you’ll want to make sure the hooks you get are strong enough to hold up your curtains and curtain rod so they don’t fall. Generally, adhesive hooks that can hold up to 16 pounds (7.3 kg) should work. You’ll need 2 adhesive hooks per pair of curtains you want to hang up.

    how to hang heavy curtains without stud

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