how to hang extra wide curtains

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  • How do you hang curtains to make a room look smaller?

  • DOhang your curtains close to the ceiling I檓 sure you檝e heard it before, but here your official reminder to always hang your curtain rods highand wide. If you hang your rods to look like they檙e hugging the window, it makes the window (and as a result, pretty much the entire room) feel smaller.

  • How do you hang curtains with brackets?

  • Simply line the holes on the bracket up with the holes you檝e drilled in the wall (or the anchors), and use the provided screws to attach them to the wall. You may need a middle bracket if your window is long ?use the directions provided with your curtain rod to determine if this is necessary! Step six: hang those curtains!

  • How do I choose the right rod for hanging curtains?

  • Hanging your curtains correctly depends on a strong, level rod. Calculate the length of your window. Ideally, your rod should be several inches (or centimeters) wider than your window to give your curtain panels enough space.

  • How high should Curtains hang from the wall?

  • A tip to do this accurately is to hang the curtains on the rod and mark or pin them while they are already hanging. Floating: if you can get on board with the idea of your curtains touching the ground at all, then opt for hanging them just a 1/2?inch above the floor.

    how to hang extra wide curtains

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