how to hang extra wide curtains

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  • How do you hang heavy curtains on the wall?

  • Hang the curtains on the rod. Designers and decorators have access to specialty curtain rods, designed for heavy drapery, which are not readily available in retail outlets. If you use a self-erasing marking pencil to mark the walls, the marks will disappear within a day.

  • Can you hang curtains with a curtain rod?

  • Related Articles. Blackout lining, interlining and thick drapery fabric can result in a heavy curtain that requires special attention when selecting and installing the curtain rod. With the proper rod and brackets, these curtains can be hung by a homeowner, using her toolbox and a few drapery-installers’ tricks.

  • How should I Hang my drapes?

  • ?The curtain length is another important factor. Ideally, you檒l want your drapes to slightly reach the floor. Hanging them from rod pockets or tabs will raise the upper part of the fabric. In this case, hang your drapes with clips just below the rod.

  • What should you consider when choosing a hanging curtain?

  • ?The decorative element of your hanging curtain is another huge consideration. After all, you want your curtain style and the way it hangs to complement the look and feel of your room. For an informal vibe in the bedroom, for example, consider tie-top panels.

    how to hang extra wide curtains

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