how to hang curtains with grommets

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Accordingly,how do you hang curtains with grommets?Lay one of the curtain panels right side up. Thread the curtain rod through the front side of the first grommet,then thread it through the back of the second grommet. Repeat with the rest of the grommets in the panel,alternating between front and back.

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  • How to hang grommet curtains with Sheers?

  • If you檙e wondering how to hang grommet curtains with sheers, simply buy a grommet double rod and use the same measurements for the sheers. STEP 1: Measure the width of your window. Once you have the width of your window frame, double it to know how wide your grommet curtains should be.

  • How do you measure for grommet curtains?

  • Measure the width of one of the grommet-topped curtain panels. Double the curtain rod length from Step 1, and divide the result by the curtain panel width. Round up to the next even number for the total number of curtain panels you need.

  • How do you hang a curtain rod?

  • Thread the curtain rod through the grommets of each panel similar to how you檇 do a shower curtain. Then hold the curtains rod so the right side of the curtains is facing out. Fasten the curtain to the brackets and screw on the finials to the ends of the curtain rod. Arrange the curtains as desired.

  • What is the purpose of grommet curtains?

  • Beyond the functional purpose of grommet drapes for room darkening to block out natural light, they can be an interior decorator best friend. The colors and styles are endless to update your home decor. There are a couple different ways to hang grommet curtains. We檒l walk you through a few easy steps to hang them.

    how to hang curtains with grommets

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