how to hang curtains under a cornice board

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How to Attach Curtains to a Cornice BoardSew shirring tape to the top part of your curtain panels. …Sew hook -and-loop tape on top of the shirring tape,on the top-front of the curtain panels. …Hold the shirred curtain up to the cornice board,in the position from which you wish the curtain panel to hang.More items…

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  • Can you put a cornice board over curtains?

  • And if you want to make the windows a highlighted focal point of your space, then a cornice board over the curtains do a great job, creating a stylish yet versatile look while enhancing practical benefits. If you are new to this field, then you might wonder what a cornice board is.

  • How do you attach batting to a cornice board?

  • Lay the batting on a table, counter or floor and then place the cornice board on top, front side down. Pull the batting to the back and staple, trimming the excess as you go.

  • How do you hang a cornice on the wall?

  • You’ll need to find a way to make the cornice hang on the wall. One way to do this is to buy brackets and half-inch screws. You can also buy a thin piece of board where you’ll rest the cornice before securing it from the top with more screws. All of these options can be found at local hardware stores.

  • How do you attach a curtain rod to a window cornice?

  • Center the cornice over your window and screw in place with #8 x 3-in wood screws. If necessary, add wall anchors and fasten in place with the screws provided. Thread the curtain rings or grommets through the curtain rod and hang it from the supports inside the cornice.

    how to hang curtains under a cornice board

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