how to hang curtains temporarily

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Spring tension rod

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  • How to hang curtains without holes?

  • Twist and fit curtain rods are another fantastic product for people who want to hang curtains without holes. The removable curtain rod works similarly to a tension rod, but actually has decorative ends that stick out from the window and lets you attach a real curtain rod to them so the curtains sit in front of the window rather than inside it.

  • How to hang curtains with a tension rod?

  • Insert the rod into the window frame and mark where each end is. Use a pencil to draw a circle around each end of the tension rod where it pushes into the frame. Use a level to make sure the rod is even before you make your marks. Take down the rod and hang your curtains on it. Slide the hoops or fasteners on your curtains onto the rod.

  • Can you hang a curtain rod from the ceiling?

  • If it dry, crumbly plaster or a cinderblock wall that preventing you from drilling holes, consider hanging your curtain rod from the ceiling instead. If you have high-set windows, like those in the home above from Elle Decoration featured on My Domaine, suspending curtains from the ceiling will look natural.

  • How do you keep curtains from sliding down when closing?

  • If your clips are attached to hooks, just slide each hook over the curtain rod攜ou don’t need to take the rod down. To keep your curtains from sliding too far when you close them, place the last ring or hook outside of the bracket on your curtain rod.

    how to hang curtains temporarily

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