how to hang curtains temporarily

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Spring tension rod

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  • How do you hang curtains without damaging walls?

  • The most common (and easiest) solution to avoiding wall damage is using a tension rod. They檙e basically like shower curtain rods in that they expand to whatever width you need and just stay put. This no drill curtain rod tucks in nicely to windows and allows you to easily hang curtains.

  • How to hang curtains with a tension rod?

  • Insert the rod into the window frame and mark where each end is. Use a pencil to draw a circle around each end of the tension rod where it pushes into the frame. Use a level to make sure the rod is even before you make your marks. Take down the rod and hang your curtains on it. Slide the hoops or fasteners on your curtains onto the rod.

  • What to do if your curtains are 4 inches too long?

  • If your curtains are 4 inches too long, raise the curtain rod 4 inches. This does require drilling new holes for the rod mounting hardware. The old hardware holes also require patching and repainting, so this option is best for a long-term solution on a window that’s not sized for standard curtains.

  • What happens if you hang curtains too soon on hooks?

  • If you try to hang your curtains on the hooks too soon, they might fall down. The exact amount of time you should wait may vary depending on the kind of adhesive hooks you’re using. Refer to the packaging for specific instructions. Place your curtain rod on the hooks and test how well it holds.

    how to hang curtains temporarily

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