how to hang curtains over vertical blinds that stick out

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To hang curtains over blinds that stick out,you mustuse a bracket to extend your curtain rod. First,measure your window and curtains to make sure the curtains will cover the window and blinds. Then install the bracket,hang the rod,and put up the curtains. This is an easy process that only takes a few tools and a little bit of elbow grease.

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  • How to attach curtains to vertical blinds?

  • Wipe down the inside of the cornice that is covering your vertical blinds to remove any dust or grime. Attach one side of the velcro to the cornice and the other side to the top of the exterior of the curtains. Take your time and make sure that the strips of velcro are lined up evenly. Once you檙e done, attach the curtains to the cornice.

  • How to hang curtains from cornice?

  • If you look between the cornice and the blinds, you檒l see that there is space to suspend a tension rod between the 2 sides of the cornice. You can hang curtains from the tension rod and install them within minutes.

  • How far should curtains stick out from the blinds?

  • Make sure your curtain rod is sticking out. You want your curtain rod and curtains to stick out around 2 inches on each side past the blinds. Record your measurements.

  • How to hang curtains without rods?

  • Coat Hooks: Besides being an effective way of hanging curtains, coat hooks can add a nice elegant touch to your window spaces that will attract the attention of everyone who visits your room. They will prevent you from looking for rods and then going through the elongated process of hanging curtains.

    how to hang curtains over vertical blinds that stick out

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