how to hang curtains on plaster walls

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How to Hang Curtains on Plaster WallsScan the wall with a studfinder to locate the studs in the installation area. Mark both sides of each stud with a light pencil mark.Drill holes through the plaster for toggle bolts or molly bolts where no studs or header framing is available.Install each curtain mounting bracket with toggle bolts by inserting the threaded bolts through the bracket’s screw holes,then thread the collapsing wing part of the toggle anchor onto …Anchor each curtain bracket with molly bolts by tapping the anchors into the holes with a hammer until the flange at the exposed end of the anchor is flush …Mark the curtain mounting bracket screw holes for installation on masonry walls. …

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  • How do you hang a curtain rod on plaster walls?

  • Remove the curtain rod and drill pilot holes through the plaster and into the studs at the hole marks. Start the holes slowly and carefully to prevent chipping the plaster surface. Reposition the brackets and anchor them to the studs with the provided screws.

  • How do you hang art on plaster walls?

  • Hanging things on plaster walls is easy if you have a drill and screws. All you need to do is pre-drill a hole slightly narrower than your screws, then use the drill to drive a screw into the hole. Make sure you leave half an inch out of the wall so you have space to hang your artwork.

  • How do you mount a curtain wall on a concrete wall?

  • Mark the curtain mounting bracket screw holes for installation on masonry walls. Drill pilot holes for concrete screws, using a masonry bit sized specifically for the screws (concrete screws are commonly sold with a bit).

  • How do you secure heavy objects to plaster walls?

  • To secure heavy items on plaster walls, use screws that are 2 inches (5.1 cm) long. If possible, get screws that have plastic anchor attachments to help hold them in place. Find a stud, if you can. Use a magnetic stud finder to locate the wooden studs hidden behind the plaster wall.

    how to hang curtains on plaster walls

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