how to hang curtains on a double rod

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For stationary double rods, also place the back rod before the front rod, and put your curtains on the back rod before adding them to the front rod. For the best results, the drapery rods should be mounted at leastfour inches above the window molding.

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  • How do you hang curtain rods right?

  • Here’s how to hang curtain rods right every single time. When the curtains are closed, they should completely cover the window, so as a rule of thumb, the width of the curtain panels should be at least twice the width of the window frame.

  • How do you hang two curtains at the same time?

  • Put the rod on the closest bracket to the window. Place the second curtain on the original (or decorative) curtain rod. Hang curtains in place on the bracket closest to you.

  • What are double curtain rods?

  • Double curtain rods are used to give your windows a two-dimensional look; they allow you to combine two different colored curtains or fabric types. Two parallel rods, approximately 2-inches apart, are held in place by special mounting brackets.

  • How to install sheer curtains on rods?

  • The panels placed at the end of the rod often appear as if they have been placed on a separate rod and also offer protection from excessive sunlight. To achieve this look, slide one panel of the main curtains onto the rod. Move it to the very end to create space for additional panels. After that, add one or two of the sheer panel on to the rod.

    how to hang curtains on a double rod

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