how to hang curtains on a double rod

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For stationary double rods, also place the back rod before the front rod, and put your curtains on the back rod before adding them to the front rod. For the best results, the drapery rods should be mounted at leastfour inches above the window molding.

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  • How do you attach curtain panels to a curtain rod?

  • Slide one curtain panel over the rod, if the top of the panel features loops or a sleeve designed for a curtain rod. Slide the remaining panels on in the same manner. Slide curtain clip rings onto the rod if the curtain panels have no visible means of attaching to a curtain rod.

  • How do you hang two curtains at the same time?

  • Put the rod on the closest bracket to the window. Place the second curtain on the original (or decorative) curtain rod. Hang curtains in place on the bracket closest to you.

  • How to hang curtains with ring clips?

  • Ring clips are highly popular in both traditional and modern homes. To hang your drapery, simply clip the rings to the top edge of the curtain panel so the rings can slide over the pole. You can hang any type of curtain panel from ring clips as all you need to do is clip the rings to the panel.

  • Which Rod goes closest to the wall when hanging curtains?

  • If the two rods are of different thicknesses, typically the thinner rod goes closest to the wall and holds the lighter weight or shear curtains. Place the rod on the bracket.

    how to hang curtains on a double rod

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