how to hang curtains like a designer

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  • What is the best way to hang curtains?

  • Here are the most popular ways interior designers hang curtains and drapes. Puddle: this is by far the most dramatic of all the ways to hang curtains (and the one that is the most tedious to keep clean). To achieve the puddling effect, add an extra 2?to 4?inches beyond the floor to your panels.

  • How to hang curtains and rods with brackets?

  • Step 2. Using a drill or screwdriver, hang the first bracket with screws. Use anchors if your rod and curtains are heavy. Step 3. Add the rod and position the second bracket ?before you screw it in, use a level on the rod to ensure it straight. You may need a third bracket in the middle if your rod is longer than 4?feet.

  • What are some tips for hanging drapes?

  • Other Curtain Tips 1 Wash and dry before hanging (pre-shrink!): You檒l definitely want to wash and dry your curtains before hanging them. … 2 Hem without cutting: If you need to hem your curtains, I strongly advise you not to cut them! … 3 Weights and training your drapes: Don like the way your curtains are hanging? … More items…

  • What happens if you hang a curtain rod too low?

  • Hanging the rod too low. Your eye will naturally stop at the highest element in the room (usually a curtain rod) and will ignore the rest. If your rod is hung too low, you檙e effectively lowering the overall height of your ceilings even more. Raise that rod!

    how to hang curtains like a designer

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