how to hang curtains in recessed window

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If windows are recessed at least 1 inch,mount your curtains onrubber- or plastic-tipped suspension rods. Twisting this no drill curtain rod lets you adjust the spring tension to keep curtains up without damaging walls. It is important to note that this method works best with curtains that are more lightweight.

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  • What is the best way to hang curtains on a wall?

  • Wall-Brackets. For heavier rods and curtains, mounting brackets at the top of the wall 2 to 4 inches from the window on each side can accomplish two things. The first is hanging heavier curtains, for more privacy or insulation from the cold. Second, especially with a very narrow or odd-sized window, hanging curtains so they cover an area wider…

  • How do I choose the right rod for hanging curtains?

  • Hanging your curtains correctly depends on a strong, level rod. Calculate the length of your window. Ideally, your rod should be several inches (or centimeters) wider than your window to give your curtain panels enough space.

  • How do you put curtains on a double bay window rod?

  • If you檙e using a bay window curtain rod, put 2 panels for each window frame on the rod and adjust the curtains so the bent corners of the rod are exposed. If you檙e using double brackets, put curtains on a second set of straight curtain rods, or on a second bay window curtain rod.

  • How to decorate recessed windows with curtains?

  • Enhance the beauty of your recessed windows by decorating them with curtains and drapes. You can select the different fabrics and patterns available and give the windows a completely new designer look. Window Curtains are a great way to enhance the beauty of your home dcor. Dress the windows in your rooms with beautiful curtains and drapes.

    how to hang curtains in recessed window

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