how to hang curtains in balcony

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If your balcony is designed in a way that using curtain rods is not realistic,you檒l have to look for an alternative way to hang your curtains. One solution is to use anexterior steel wire ropeto hang the curtains. The best types are those that have some plastic covering to prevent rust.

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  • How do you hang curtains outside with pocket panels?

  • If your outdoor drapery is purely decorative, use pocket panels. This is the m ost basic curtain style, with a sewn-in rod pocket at the top of each curtain panel; just push the rod directly through. Pocket panels work well if you need to install curtains on an arched structure.

  • How do you hang a mosquito curtain on a balcony?

  • Apply the fuzzy side of the hook and loop tape to the top of the mosquito curtain, stitching it in the corners with upholstery thread or fishing line to keep it intact. Stick the curtain up along the straight front area of the balcony, and then add hook and loop strips along vertical beams to keep the sides of the curtain in place.

  • How to decorate a balcony with curtains?

  • The combination of matte materials with shiny, heavy, light, and lace can give a fantastic decorative result. However, if you want a tinted and elegant effect, it is best to choose shades that are close to the color of the walls of the balcony. Curtains and blinds are very important in decorating a room.

  • Can you use rich drapes on a balcony?

  • Rich draped decorative curtains can be difficult to use on your balcony if you intend to close or open your shutters frequently. Although the fashion for curtains has lost excitement, giving way to new types of roll-up curtains, in many houses they still adorn balconies, as well as rooms adjacent to the loggia.

    how to hang curtains in balcony

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