how to hang curtains in a mobile home

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  • How do you fit curtains to a manufactured home?

  • Fitting is a simple affair. With a little creativity, you can add an attractive slant to a manufactured home. Measure the length and width of the curtains correctly, so that the window can be covered effectively.

  • How do you anchor a mobile home to the wall?

  • Push a nail into the anchor to open it inside the wall. Insert the screw that comes with the hardware into the anchor. Repeat process for the other side. Put small pieces of strong wall putty to the back of the item and press it on the wall. Some wall putty is made to hold up to movement, in case your mobile home is still truly mobile.

  • How to hang things on vinyl walls in a mobile home?

  • How to Hang Things on Vinyl Walls in a Mobile Home. 1 Step 1. Attach stick-on hooks to the wall for lightweight items such as small pictures. Pull the paper cover off the back of the hook. Press the hook … 2 Step 2. 3 Step 3. 4 Step 4.

  • Why choose curtains for your new mobile home?

  • When purchasing a new mobile home, you may be tempted to change various fixtures or update the decorations inside. Curtains are a fundamental part of the interior that provide privacy alongside a decorative edge. Fitting is a simple affair.

    how to hang curtains in a mobile home

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