how to hang curtains from vertical blind track

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Installing curtain brackets on your blind headrailis the easiest way to hang curtains over vertical blinds. Venetian blinds, however, may look better if you install adhesive hooks on the wall on either side of your window. If you go the hook route, make sure the hooks you purchase are able to hold at least five pounds.

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  • How do you attach curtains to vertical blinds?

  • Curtains can be attached to vertical blinds without complicated hardware, drilling or even hanging a curtain rod. Attach curtains to the top frame piece using industrial-strength, self-adhesive hook and loop tape. Measure the window’s width.

  • How do you measure for vertical blinds?

  • Measure the width of the curtain panel or drapery panel you wish to attach to the vertical blinds. To determine the correct width for a curtain panel, multiply the width of the window by two.

  • How to hang curtains from cornice?

  • If you look between the cornice and the blinds, you檒l see that there is space to suspend a tension rod between the 2 sides of the cornice. You can hang curtains from the tension rod and install them within minutes.

  • Can I get rid of vertical blinds in a rental?

  • We use to have vertical blinds in a house we owned and just removing them was the solution to the problem but having them in a rental is a whole different ballgame. When I started thinking about how I wanted to go about getting rid of these vertical blinds I knew I wanted to replace them with curtains.

    how to hang curtains from vertical blind track

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