how to hang curtains from a ceiling

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Two options to have a lovely seamless curtain hanging from the ceiling areadhesive hooks or ceiling brackets for curtains. Pull the adhesive layer off the hook and place it on top of the previous marks. Press the hook to the ceiling softly and let it fit tightly. Make sure all the hooks face the middle of the bed.

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  • How to hang curtains from the ceiling without drilling?

  • In the second step on how to hang curtains from the ceiling without drilling, you need to mark the part of the ceiling that you want to install the curtain. By using the stair, mark each corner of the room ceiling, based on your bed size. In this process, you might need a hand to help with measurement.

  • How to install a curtain rod in a ceiling?

  • After placing the hook in the ceiling, you can start installing the rod and curtain. You can put the rod on the hook and make sure it is in the right position. After that, release it and start the curtain installation process. Next, slide or clip the curtain you have prepared for the curtain rod.

  • How to install a track for curtains?

  • Installing a Track for Curtains 1 Measuring tape 2 Pencil 3 Track bracket meant for the ceiling 4 Hollow wall anchors (molly bolts) or screws 5 Drill bits and drill 6 Curtain with small hooks

  • How do you hang a curtain rod with eye holes?

  • Put the curtain on the rod and hang it in place. Slide the curtain over the rod. If you’re using the kind with eye holes, alternate going front to back and back to front so that it pleats the curtain and hangs properly. Screw the end caps on and hang the rod in place by setting it onto the hooks, centering it between the brackets.

    how to hang curtains from a ceiling

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