how to hang curtain rods with no stud

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To hang curtains without a rod,you can use replacements such ascurtain wire,rope,pipes,or other devices,such as fishing rods and hockey sticks. Alternatively,you can loop curtains through coat hooks and wooden knobs.

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  • How to hang curtains without a rod?

  • 6 Methods to Hang Curtains Without a Rod. 1 1. Use a Curtain Wire. A classic way to soften up the appearance of curtains without using cumbersome rods is by using a curtain wire. The curtain … 2 2. Use Coat Hooks. 3 3. Use Wood Knobs. 4 4. Use Rope. 5 5. Use a Fishing Rod. More items

  • How do you mount a curtain rod outside a window frame?

  • Mounting a curtain rod outside the window frame is the most common orientation of curtain rod brackets. In this orientation, the curtain rod is secured to the drywall on the outside length of the window frame so that there is an overhang of the curtain and the window.

  • How to install curtain rods with command hooks?

  • Peel off the cover for the adhesive and then press the Command Hook into the wall on the pencil mark. You want to press hard for at least thirty seconds as the glue does its magic. Repeat this step for each Command Hook that you are using. Leave your Command Hooks on the wall before placing the curtain rod on them for at least thirty minutes.

  • Does hanging curtains with hooks puncture walls?

  • And some do not puncture the drywall or wood of the window frame at all and instead depend on adhesive to hold the hooks in place that will be supporting the curtain rod. All in all, hanging curtains is a pain, and any method that alleviates some of that aggravation is a plus.

    how to hang curtain rods with no stud

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