how to hang curtain lights on backdrop

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Lean your backdrop against a surface like a wall with the back of the curtain facing outward and adjust the legs to get the height you want. Time for the complicated part; this was definitely much easier with two people. Take your string lights,straighten them out,and pin them to the back of the curtain with your safety pins,spacing .

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  • How to hang a backdrop on the wall?

  • To hang it, you檒l either need to screw it directly into the wall, or attach eye hooks and metal wire to the back of the frame and hang it from wall screws. Method #3: Attach your backdrop to the wall with tape or pins.

  • How do you keep a backdrop from wrinkling?

  • The best way to avoid the wrinkled, messy look of a draped backdrop is to wrap your backdrop around a frame before mounting it on the wall. You can build a frame from a variety of materials, but a wooden frame is the most practical option.

  • How do you attach a sign to a backdrop?

  • String the sign to a support if you wish to protect the backdrop. Instead of poking holes in the backdrop, find something up above to hitch your sign to. Backdrops are generally suspended from something, such as a curtain rod. Loop the fishing line around the overhang to knot the sign to it.

  • How do you hang a backdrop on a shower curtain rod?

  • If your backdrop has grommets, you can hang the backdrop from the rod using hooks, as if it were a shower curtain. If it doesn have grommets, drape the backdrop over the rod as if it were a towel on a towel rack.

    how to hang curtain lights on backdrop

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