how to hang curtain lights behind bed

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Simplyhang the curtains behind the head of your bed in the same way you would if you were hanging them across a window. The curtains should extend to slightly beyond the width of the bed to get a good framing effect,and while they can be placed at any height,putting them near the ceiling is particularly effective visually.

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  • Can you hang curtains behind a bedroom bed?

  • Hanging curtains behind your bed creates texture, drama and elegance, as long as they stay put. How you secure fabric panels to the wall or ceiling is as important as the stylish effect they create. A wall with an off-center window can be a design thorn in an otherwise good-looking bedroom.

  • How do you use a bedside surround curtain rod?

  • Hang curtains as a partial bedside surround for a romantic look or to add a bit of privacy in a shared room. Mount ceiling-style curtain rods or tracks in a U shape over the head of the bed, extending a foot or two outward, above the bed’s sides.

  • How do you hang a cornice on a bedroom wall?

  • Cornice Enclosure. By hanging curtains just behind the bed, at bed-width, you create the idea of a textural headboard. Mount the rod 7 feet high or higher for drama. Install an ornate box-style window cornice over the rod, upping the design impact.

  • How can I decorate my bedroom with string lights?

  • If you hang string lights in a zig-zag pattern you can then use tiny clothespins to attach photos and other cute little things and personalize your bedroom walls You can hang these on any wall you want. Here how they檇 look like at night.

    how to hang curtain lights behind bed

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