how to hang curtain christmas lights

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Starting at the bottom right or left corner working your way up to the top of the windows. Then drape the lights evenly on the hooks. Hang the curtainrod back up and adjust the curtains so that theyre evenly spaced. You can also use floral wire to hang your Christmas lights.

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  • How do you hang Christmas lights around a window?

  • Article SummaryX. To hang Christmas lights around windows, measure your windows so you know how many strands and hooks you檒l need. When you檙e ready to hang the lights, place hooks every 2 to 3 inches, and continue all the way around the windowsill to keep lights in place. Then, drape the lights evenly on the hooks.

  • How do you hang curtains with lights?

  • Both fairy and string lights can make excellent curtain lights, so the look you want will dictate which type you should buy. Buy anywhere from 15-30 stripes for a dense curtain. Buy 3-5 for a more subtle look. Secure the lights to the top of the window or curtain with the method of your choice, then hang your curtains in front of them.

  • How do you hook up Christmas lights with command hooks?

  • Drape the lights up and around each Command hook. If your lights are electrical, plug them in to ensure they檒l be long enough, feed the strand up to the the first hook, and hook it on. If your lights are battery-powered, simply hook 1 end of the strand onto the first hook.

  • How do you hang string lights outdoors?

  • Here are some options for how you can hang string lights outdoors: To hang string lights from a portico or pergola: Use a staple gun meant for wires and cables and with an angled tip for a truly professional look You檒l inconspicuously secure the lights this way, because that staple gun gets into hard to reach places.

    how to hang curtain christmas lights

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