how to hang curtain christmas lights

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Starting at the bottom right or left corner working your way up to the top of the windows. Then drape the lights evenly on the hooks. Hang the curtainrod back up and adjust the curtains so that theyre evenly spaced. You can also use floral wire to hang your Christmas lights.

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  • How to hang Christmas lights inside Windows?

  • [Solution] How to Hang Christmas Lights Inside Windows 1 Purchase plastic stick-on clips/hooks for the inside of the window frame. 2 Place the plastic clips on the inside of the window frame. 3 Let the clips set for at least an hour. 4 Slide the lights into the clips. 5 Add additional decorations to the window, if you檇 like. See More….

  • How do you hook up a strand of Christmas lights?

  • If your lights are electrical, plug them in to ensure they檒l be long enough, feed the strand up to the the first hook, and hook it on. If your lights are battery-powered, simply hook 1 end of the strand onto the first hook. Then, drape the strand down the wall.

  • How to decorate your home with Christmas lights?

  • Welcoming and magical ambiance you can achieve with lights is perfect for modern interiors. If you want to wake up in a room full of holiday cheer then Christmas lights hanging from dried twigs is a perfect solution for you. A cheap white curtain, removable wall hooks and Christmas lights are only things you need to create a holiday bed canopy.

  • How do you hang lights on a wall with hooks?

  • You檒l likely need to press the back of the adhesive against the wall, peel off the the piece of paper on the front, and then push the hook against the front of the adhesive. Drape the lights up and around each Command hook.

    how to hang curtain christmas lights

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