how to hang blackout curtains without a rod

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To hang curtains without a rod, you can use replacements such ascurtain wire, rope, pipes, or other devices, such as fishing rods and hockey sticks. Alternatively, you can loop curtains through coat hooks and wooden knobs.

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  • How do you hang curtains on a blackout panel?

  • Find the loops on the blackout panels and attach each looped thread to each hook on the curtains. Slide the curtains back on to the curtain rods. Hook the rods back onto the wall brackets to hang the curtains.

  • How to hang curtains without a curtain rod?

  • 17+ Clever Ways to Hang Curtains Without a Curtain Rod. 1 1. Stick On. Wondering how to hang curtains without nails or screws while still having them look like traditional drapes? Look for a stick-on curtain … 2 2. Command Hooks. 3 3. Upholstery Tacks. 4 4. Wire. 5 5. Go With a Shade Instead. More items

  • What kind of curtain rod do I need for blackout curtains?

  • If you are installing a new curtain rod with your blackout curtains, look for a return rod, or a wraparound rod. These rods have smooth corners on the ends that allow the curtain to slide all the way to the wall, which will prevent light from entering at the sides. [14]

  • How high should a curtain rod be above a window?

  • Add 4 in (10 cm) if you are installing a curtain rod. Most curtain rods are hung at least 4 inches (10 cm) above the top of the window frame. You may want to hang yours even higher to give the illusion of height to your windows and make the room seem taller.

    how to hang blackout curtains without a rod

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