how to hang a traverse curtain rod

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How Do You Hang Curtains on the Traverse Rod?Prepare the Curtain. Most traverse curtains come with the pins already installed. …Attach the Curtains to the Master Carrier. Locate the master carriers on the traverse rod and start by reaching for the one on the far left side.Connect the Curtains to the Openings along the Traverse Rod. …Link the Pins and the Traverse Rod. …More items…

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  • How do I install a traverse curtain rod?

  • Most traverse curtain rod kits come compete with all of the hardware necessary to mount the rods above your windows. With a drill and a screwdriver you can easily and quickly mount a traverse curtain rod and hang your curtains.

  • Can you use back Tan curtains with a traverse curtain rod?

  • Technically speaking, no you cannot use back tan curtains with a traverse curtain rod. However, it can work with some modifications. You檒l need to adjust the curtain to accommodate drapery pins so that the it folds into a pinch pleat.

  • Where are the pins on a traverse rod?

  • The two pins you didn connect to any of the openings must be linked to the rod itself. You檒l find the spots for those two remaining pins at the front and the side of the traverse rod. Since these pins attach to the rod and not the clips, the front of the curtains can look uneven.

  • Are traverse rods good for drapery?

  • If you want drapery that opens and closes, traverse rods are a good choice. With regular rods and rings you檒l find yourself using your hands to open and close the curtains; it awkward and causes more wear and tear on the fabric.

    how to hang a traverse curtain rod

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